Aside from getting cool in-game stuff by achieving ranks and completing weekly activities and quests, another way to get items in "PUBG Mobile" is by redeeming codes. For players looking for new codes that they could use in the game, here is a rundown of codes that offer a legendary outfit, the golden pan, and other in-game goodies.

"PUBG Mobile" Codes And Free Items

For players looking to get the golden pan in "PUBG Mobile," they can input the code NNCZCDZJ6I or 9NH10D55 to get a free Falcon. The code R89FPLM9S gives players a free companion while codes GOODMORNING and OPUZBZFWF gift players with Fireworks and UKUZBZGWF with 2 Fireworks.

The code TQIZBz76F gift players with 3x Motorcycle, TQIZBZ76F with 3 Popularity Bikes, BBKRZBZBF9 with Canon Popularity, and BBVNZBZ4M9 with 1 Football Popularity. There are also codes for weapon skins.

These are SD14G84FCC for an AKM Glacier Skin, TQIZBZ76F for a motor vehicle skin, KARZBZYTR for KAR98 Sniper Gun skin, S78FTU2XJ for M16A4 Gun skin, IJKZDBTFZM25M for UMP9 gun skin, BAPPZBZXF5 for UMP-45 Orange gun skin KH77H98VVB for AKM gun skin and UV18Z66XBF for SCAr-L gun skin. Players can also get a Legendary outfit with the code BHGZBHZK6B or a legendary vehicle with the XDVZBZ3DD code.


How To Redeem "PUBG Mobile" Codes

Redeeming the free "PUBG Mobile" codes is very easy. Players need to first open the official "PUBG Mobile" Redemption center. After that, they need to fill in the first black with their respective account's character ID. this can be found at the upper left corner of the screen next to the player's profile icon.

In the next black, players need to key in the redemption code. After that, the site will ask to type the verification code on the last black space. Players then need to select Redeem, and for those who could not see the code, they just have to hit Refresh. After that, players should open the game and see the rewards in the in-game mail.

"PUBG Mobile" is currently on its Season 17 called Runic Power. The new season introduces a new mode that allows players to kill opponents using special powers given by different types of runes. A new map allegedly called Karakin might be announced today, too.

Earlier this week, Krafton confirmed that it is working on a new mobile title based on "PUBG." The game will be released sometime in 2021. Unfortunately, this is the only detail that was officially revealed about the game. More information might be released soon as the upcoming game nears its official announcement.