Season 17 in "PUBG Mobile" started last Jan. 19 and is anticipated to run for a couple of months. Within this period, developers are expected to roll out more content, including new weapons, a new map, and new events. Here are the things that we know so far about "PUBG Mobile" Season 17.

What's New In "PUBG Mobile" Season 17

The current season in the hit mobile shooter game is called Runic Power, which enables players to fight opponents using magic powers. The new season also introduced patch 1.2 into the game. The latest update rolled out the Runic Power mode on the classic Erangel map. Players in this mode have various runes that come with special abilities and perks. The current season also introduced a new weapon in "PUBG Mobile." The new FAMAS rifle is available now for players on the Livik map. It is perfect for close-range combats and ideas for small maps.

When Does Season 17 End

Based on the patch notes of update 1.2, Season 17 of "PUBG Mobile ends on Mar. 21. In other words, players have ample time to make their way to all 100 tiers of the RP 17 of the game. Achieving this unlocks the Guardian Armor Set. If players reach tier 60, they get the Resplendent Dawn ot the Deadly Sickle.

Aside from the Runic Power mode, which is currently live in the game, there are whispers that a new mode will arrive in the latter part of the season. Rumors have it that "PUBG Mobile" might launch the Power Armor mode. The mode will be available in Evoground starting Feb. 5.

In the Power Armor mode, players need to fight for three Power Armor sets on the Livik map. Collecting all three sets rewards players with the Dragon's Breath grenade.

Other Upcoming "PUBG Mobile" Announcements

A new map is reportedly launching in "PUBG Mobile" on Jan. 22, according to a post on the official Instagram page of the game in Malaysia. The team will allegedly introduce the new map at 7:50 a.m. CT and the promotion will last for 30minutes. While no official confirmation about this new map was released, there are speculations that the newmap could be the Karakin map.

This rumored map is comparable to Livik in terms of size. It was introduced to the PC counterpart of the mobile title. The location is just a 2 x 2 kilometer area, approximately half the size of Sanhok. In this map, only 64 players can be accommodate, a departure from the standard 100-player maps of "PUBG Mobile."