Ford is now in the process of delivering the Mustang Mach-E SUV but for those who are still on the fence, the latest EPA rating could finally convince them to make the buy decision. The electric crossover can go beyond 300 miles on a single charge and this is for the California Route 1 variant of the Ford EV.

The actual EPA-certified rating is at 305 miles per charge and the automaker sent out the confirmation last week that the California Route 1 trim will be the most efficient of the Mustang Mach-E lot. The range boost was achieved because of minor but significant tweaks in the vehicle's configuration.

For one, the California Route 1 trim will be deployed with a rear-wheel-drive layout and an extended-range battery system. The SUV's aerodynamics will also play a key role as Ford revealed that the inclusion of aero inserts will make for a more fulfilling driving experience, aesthetic- and function-wise.

CNET reported that the California Route 1 is essentially the same as the other Mustang Mach-Es save for these unseen distinctions. However, potential buyers should be please that while the edition has notable advantages over its siblings, it is not the most expensive that consumers can get.

Ford said the base model of the California Route 1 trim will start at $53,500, thus making it relatively affordable than the Premium trim, which has a sticker price of over $56,000.

As for the overall performance of the Mustang Mach-E, the automaker gave an assurance that the electrified SUV will not disappoint. And that's because the EV was benchmarked using an award-winning premium crossover - the Porsche Macan.

When the Mustang Mach-E was being developed, the team working on the EV thought of using a specific car model that will be the basis in terms of vehicle size, sporty appeal, and premium identity. Now it can be said that Ford's all-electric SUV was inspired by the Porsche Macan, according to Car Buzz.

The report pointed to Ford executive Mark Kaufmann as the source of its information.

It is expected that the Mustang Mach-E will directly compete against the Tesla Model Y but Kaufmann noted that majority of the SUV's specs and features were finalized even before the Tesla crossover was introduced. That should indicate that the rivalry is not intended.

As mentioned, Ford is now fulfilling the Mustang Mach-E orders since it was introduced albeit the company recently admitted that the delivery could be delayed by up to eight weeks. And these are for the units intended to be shipped out this January.

Ford said the delay was due to an additional round of quality reviews, which should ensure that the Mustang Mach-Es that buyers will receive in the coming weeks will be free of factory defects.