More than a year has passed since Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney tied the knot. Throughout this period, tabloids and magazines repeatedly claimed that they either already had a child or were expecting their first baby.

Gossip Cop recently covered some of the most apparent pregnancy rumors that have persisted these past few months. On top of it all, it was the one from NW that attracted the public's attention.

The magazine previously alleged that Lawrence "moved up her wedding date" to hide their pregnancy. Supposed sources said that they originally planned to tie the knot in mid-December of 2019. But, because of the reported pregnancy, they had to pull the ceremony as early as October of the same year to "accommodate the bub."

Gossip Cop busted the story upon its release last year. Despite labeling the report as fabricated and bogus, it revisited the narrative to silence the allegations, once and for all.

The reputed publication reasoned out that if there is, indeed, a baby, then, it would already be 1-year-old today. But, based on Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney's recent activities and appearances, it appears that they are enjoying their marriage, adding that "no baby has since arrived."

Amid the pandemic, the celebrity couple managed to stay out of the spotlight. In October 2020, however, witnesses saw the couple walking around New York City, along with their bottles of wine.

Harper's Bazaar accompanied the story with a photo of the pair wearing their face masks. It remains unclear, though, where they were going at that time. Nevertheless, several reports noticed that Lawrence and Maroney were looking great in their casual get-ups.

In the same month, the Hunger Games actress gave her fans and followers a "rare glimpse" into her married life, according to People. Speaking to an episode of the Absolutely Not podcast, she said that her husband does not mind her weekly "slumber parties."

Jennifer Lawrence shared that she "never knows the end of the hangout," resulting in most of her outings into sleepovers. In the end, she stated that she and her husband spend most of their time at home.

Later in 2020, witnesses saw the actress and Leonardo DiCaprio as they worked on their latest project with Netflix. The details of the film remained scarce at that time but, the Daily Mail recently released a report about the material.

As noted, Don't Look Up, which stars Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Ariana Grande, Kid Cudi, and Timothee Chalamet, alongside Jennifer Lawrence, will drop on the platform this year. The streaming giant has already released the first look of the movie, teasing avid watchers and fans.