The Resident season 4 episode 8 is coming within a few weeks on NBC, with the title "First Days, Last Days." Nic Nevin's (Emily VanCamp) storyline is going to be one of the major focuses here, as she continues to deal with the trauma she experienced after a patient attacked her.

In The Resident season 4 episode 8, Nic is set to go back to work in Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. However, that does not mean that everything will be smooth sailing for her. The things that just recently happened to her, in particular,  will play out in a huge way.

According to the synopsis of The Resident season 4 episode 8, Nic was forced to face the patient who attacked her during her first day back at the hospital. The man was admitted to the emergency room and she has to confront the trauma head-on.

This is a tough situation for Nic, especially since she's still recovering from the attack. But then, she also recognized that it's part of her job to save the lives of people. This makes the situation complicated and difficult for her. She may have a hard time facing this person as it could trigger the fear she experienced.

But, aside from Nic's recovery, another character is getting into a better shape in The Resident season 4 episode 8. Barrett Cain (Morris Chestnut) becomes self-conscious of his physical state and he's now setting his eyes on taking Mina Okafor (Shaunette Renee Wilson) down.

In the past few episodes, Cain's life was in jeopardy and the doctors at Chastain did everything they can to save him. Now that he's recovering, some assumed that the accident will make him more caring towards others. However, it seems like this particular incident didn't change him at all.

Based on what's coming in this episode, Cain is determined to take down and destroy Mina. This is going to be one of his top priorities while he's recovering. His actions leave several questions, especially whether or not redemption is possible on his part.

As for what else is coming for other characters, a new intern named Leela (Anuja Joshi) is having a hard time shining throughout her first day at the hospital. This prompted Conrad Hawkins (Matt Czuchry) and Devon Pravesh (Manish Dayal) to wonder if there's something bigger behind her actions.

The Resident season 4 episode 8 will be airing on Tuesday, March 9, on NBC.