Rick And Morty season 5 was confirmed back in July 2020 but details about the hit animated series remain scarce until now. Yet, despite the uncertainties on its official arrival, it looks like writers already planned more stories beyond the fifth installment.

Although there is no new update on Rick and Morty season 5, one of the staff writers teased that they're working on the future stories of the animated series. In a recent post on Twitter, writer Alex Rubens hinted that they started writing season 7.

Similarly, series co-creator Dan Harmon hinted in the past that they're ahead of their work in Rick and Morty season 5. He didn't provide further details on what lies ahead in the story since he might be dropping spoilers in the future installment. But, he teased a major Space Beth would be featured in the story.

Meanwhile, writer Scott Marder teased that there's going to be an "epic canon" in the upcoming fifth installment. He added that fans will get "knocked over by the canon" and all the stuff they're doing all the "awesome stuff" in the latest season.

In a previous promo of Rick and Morty season 5, one of the biggest revelations is the death crystal's true nature. This could allow the titular characters to further explore the alternative version of themselves. Jessica will also address her feelings for Morty, while Rick faces a new nemesis.

Moreover, the new season will focus on Beth and her clone. Sarah Chalke, who voices the character, said that it is still unknown who is the real one and who is not. The actress is hoping that Space Beth sticks around and fans get more insight into the real Beth as a kid.

Chalke added that she'd like to see Rick making Beth controlling hair clips so that the people around her would like her. The story may also delve deeper into the mysteries surrounding her mother, especially since this is something that wasn't often featured in the story.

Also, some rumors suggest that there might be an episode that will feature Kanye West. In an interview with Blast back in 2019, co-creator Justin Roiland said he's willing to give the rapper his own episode. Until now, however, there is no update on whether this will indeed happen.

While waiting for the official release of Rick and Morty season 5, the first four seasons are available to watch on Adult Swim.