My Neighbor Totoro has become one of the most popular materials of Studio Ghibli. More than three decades since its arrival on screens, the public still talks about the animated film because of its overall impact and fame.

However, CBR recently listed the said movie as one of the studio's most "underrated" productions. Next to Kiki's Delivery Service and The Cat Returns, the fantasy-based film takes its spot on the chart, reportedly, due to the material's overall plot.

The publication explained that My Neighbor Totoro has a story that is not "as strong as its characters." While this has become "iconic" for various good reasons, it could, reportedly, do a "better job at creating more interesting" movements and developments in the story.

The same report continued that there is a "lack of connection," as well, between the two protagonists, Satsuki and Mei's real world and the magical world. Accordingly, the course of the plot seemingly "bores" its viewers despite the apparent strengths of the movie.

Apart from the publication, many netizens on Amino Apps appeared to have agreed, as well, that My Neighbor Totoro is "overrated." One user explained that, while the setting and artwork are, indeed, "extraordinary," there is no strength when it comes to the plotline.

In the user's analysis, the whole story does not offer any genuine conflict, except when Mei ran away. The netizen even deemed it as "lame," noting, however, that it is not all "trash."

Alongside the lack of "passion" toward the plot, there are, also, tons of "loose ends" and unanswered questions. Moreover, Totoro is "barely" seen in the movie, causing the netizen to think that it is a little problematic. 

The discussions about My Neighbor Totoro appear to have given a different tone, though, on a Reddit thread. After one Redditor claimed that material is "overrated" and not acceptable as one of the most "highly-acclaimed" animated films of all time, many netizens debated on the matter, arguing whether it is true or not.

Several individuals countered that My Neighbor Totoro is a child-friendly film, adding that it provides a peek on how children think and imagine things. Some fans defended its lack of plot, as well, explaining that the film has garnered numerous praises and compliments because of its "non-traditional" structure.

A separate report from CBR, also, reasoned out why My Neighbor Totoro has become one of the best materials from Studio Ghibli. Apart from it being an original story and an isolated work of Hayao Mizayaki, the classic film covers heavy real-life themes in a "whimsical way," making its plot a unique one.