Chung Ha sat down for a quick interview with Cosmopolitan earlier this month. In the platform's "Drip or Drop" segment, the 25-year-old South Korean artist rated some fashion trends today and even revealed her own style preferences.

Koreaboo said that the QUERENCIA artist is "known for her stylish outfits." But, when asked whether neon street fashion is for her, she expressed her dislike for the trend, adding that it is "too much" for her.

Other style and clothing trends that she would "drop" include pleated skirts, dress layering, padded jackets, and Ulzzang fashion. The former I.O.I member explained that she does not always wear these kinds of pieces.

On the other hand, she gave a "drip" rating to several trends that are seemingly surprising for some. These include classic tailoring, which she pointed out to be the type of her clothing in the interview.

She, also, provided some up points on baggy jeans, an all-white ensemble, aesthetic fashion, and long shorts. Chung Ha said that she likes these styles as she prefers wearing them most of the time.

Apart from the "Drip or Drop" segment, the interview, also, features the K-Pop idol choosing styles and sartorial pieces based on the options given. She picked leather over fishnets, fedora over straw hats, animal print over floral, and shorts over skirts.

Chung Ha, later on, revealed that she values comfort more than anything. Accordingly, she usually wears pieces that she can be comfortable with, all the time.

She explained, as well, that she is always in practices and rehearsals. Therefore, her go-to items are a pair of tennis shoes, sweatpants, and a shirt.

The Hands On Me artist has seemingly continued to promote her latest music releases. This comes after she dropped her first full-feature studio album, QUERENCIA in February.

Chung Ha has since met "rounds of applause and positive critics feedback," according to Pinkvilla. As stated, the album "manages to smoothly fit in the many different genres and styles of music."

Weeks after the album release, the artist dropped the official music video for "Demente," which hears her sing in Korean and Spanish. She, later on, premiered another version of the track that is recorded in full Spanish lyrics, alongside Spanish rapper Guaynaa.

Chung Ha was supposed to release the album earlier in January. However, she contracted the coronavirus in December, causing her and her label to halt all of her activities. She has since recovered from COVID-19.