Years have passed since fans obtained new materials from Hunter x Hunter. While the waiting period continues, the franchise gave the public a platform where avid followers of the series can enjoy the character in a new setting.

A virtual escape room, utilizing the series' theme dropped earlier this year. Several supporters of the material enjoyed the game considering that the people who lent their voices for the characters are the same stars who did in the anime series.

Comic Book, later on, said that the players noticed a "touching nod" to one of the characters' voice actors in the game. This comes a year after Keiji Fujiwara, who played the role of Leorio, passed away due to cancer.

On Friday, Real Escape Game released a 2-minute clip on Twitter. It encouraged the fans and followers of Hunter x Hunter to purchase the limited edition virtual reality game, noting that it will only be available until June 27.

After witnessing the video, netizens discovered that the material seemingly paid tribute to Leorio's voice actor. As noted, the character's mic "was not working," a move which many individuals deemed as a homage to Keiji Fujiwara.

One Twitter user explained further that the mic was not working because of Fujiwara's death, adding that the franchise does not, reportedly, want to replace him. Several individuals echoed the same assertions in the comment section of the post. Some even paid their own tributes by posting photos of Leorio.

Keiji Fujiwara passed away on April 12, 2020. While his stint in Hunter x Hunter was one of his biggest roles, he, also, did several massive projects in his career. These include Fullmetal Alchemist: BrotherhoodOne Piece, and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

The same publication emphasized, as well, that he lent his voice in the Japanese version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. He dubbed the voice of Tony Stark in all of the materials.

The Hunter x Hunter virtual game will run from March 25 to June 27, according to Anime News Network. It officially carries the title, "Escape From the Shape-Shifting Labyrinth," which features the original story of Hunter's Exam. Accordingly, players will be able to experience the same exam, which Gon and Killua took in the pilot season of the series.

Despite all the buzz around the virtual escape room, though, That Hashtag Show reported that many fans and followers of the franchise felt "disappointed." As explained, it was all because of the fandom's expectation that a set of new installments will finally arrive, in either manga or on television screens.