Netflix drops its first look at the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal the Movie, which will be out on the platform this June. Fans all over the world will now have the chance to see the two-part feature film series after its release in Japan.

The Sailor Scouts' latest adventure may have come to an end, but the international audience is just about to see it for themselves. Fortunately, Netflix gets the right to release Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal the Movie, so the long wait will be soon over.

According to Hypebae, after the streaming giant announced the movie's coming last month, it now dropped a double-feature main trailer. It gave everyone a glimpse of the Sailor Guardians and their quest to bring the light back into the world after a dark power clouded the Earth following the total solar eclipse.

The trailer shows the action-packed scenes featuring Sailor Moon and the gang as they fight against evil, which seems to be far from the usual Sailor Moon stories fans see. It shows significant character developments after the several colorful journeys that the girls have gone together, Gizmodo noted.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal the Movie picks up where Sailor Moon Crystal ends, adapting the manga's Dream arc, per ComicbookAfter an eclipse happens, the Scouts start a connection with a mysterious winged horse that needs Chibi-Usa's (Sandy Fox) help.

However, this will result in emerging conflicts in her and her friends' lives and new enemies, called Dead Moon Circus, will come. The group of Scout-like villains starts to spread terror across the world as they find the Legendary Silver Crystal.

This is the best time for the scattered Sailor Guardians to reunite to let the light shine into the world again and fight the enemies.

Naoko Takeuchi originally created Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal, which was adapted on the big screen. Chiaki Won, who is behind the hit Netflix anime series The Way of the Househusband, directed the film with the music by Yasuharu Takanashi.

Kazuko Tadano handles the anime film's character designs, while Toei Animation and Studio Deen look after the animation production.

Sailor Moon first came out as a manga series in 1991 and was quickly adapted into an anime soon after. Sailor Moon Crystal was then out in 2014 as the Shoujo franchise started to receive a number of movie adaptations.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal the Movie just adds up to the growing anime arsenal of Netflix that will drop on June 3.

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