BTS has released the very first group photo for Butter, their upcoming single, and it has left the fans more excited and eager to see the new music video for the group's next big hit.

The Butter teaser shows RM, Jungkook, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, and V rocking new hair colors, making the boys the talk of the town again. Fans could not help but find clues from the BTS members' hair that should relate to their new song release.

But it's Jungkook and Jimin's new hairstyles that have drawn so much attention from the ARMY. Jungkook now sports purple hair, which he neatly ties in a bun. Jimin, on the other hand, has trendy rainbow streaks to his new blonde hairstyle.

Any member of the ARMY, the group's fanbase, will tell you that whenever BTS drops a piece of new and special music, the boys also undergo changes with their hairstyle. Butter is expected to be out on May 21 thus the group has been teasing the release on their social media, which means there will be more to come from the band in the days leading up to the single's launch.

Last week, Big Hit, the group's label, also released short audio and video clips to Butter, giving fans more reason to speculate on what the new song will be about. Big Hit only stated in the press release that song will be a smooth and charismatic dance-pop track and it will be BTS' second full English song after their Grammy-nominated hit single, Dynamite.

Incidentally, Billboard announced in April that Dynamite is a finalist for four categories in the Billboard Music Awards: top-selling song, top duo/group, top social artist, and top song sales artist. The awards will take place on May 23 in Los Angeles but it's unclear if BTS will make an appearance through a virtual platform, just like they did for the Grammy Awards in February.

Meanwhile, BTS continues its hold as the topmost influential online personalities in the Brand Reputation for May 2021. The group has been number one for the last 36 months as the boys keep growing their popularity around the world.

According to the latest ranking, the septet retained their online popularity because of the anticipation for Butter. They have also received high searches online for positive words like "record" or "release."

However, BTS will also have a special album out in June. The Best will carry a compilation of their hit songs but it will be aimed at their Japanese fanbase.