BTS Member V, whose real name is Kim Tae-hyung, used to type his name on Google search to see what people are saying about him when he was starting out as a music artist.

The singer said that he was "so amazed" about finding his stage name and his real name on many blogs and was even shocked that there's an entry about him on KnowledgeiN, a South Korean educational website. V was also surprised that his name appears as a related search next to his former school. He said that he's "very happy" knowing that it's what his friends will see.

V was confirmed as a member of BTS nearly eight years ago. At that time, the boy band was still trying to make a name for themselves in the music industry but they didn't have to wait too long to achieve international fame.

Three years after the band's debut, BTS became a global sensation and they have maintained their worldwide appeal since. Their throve of fans is also growing as more and more people across the world are learning to love their music and their performances.

Meanwhile, fans speculate that V could be the next BTS member to release a solo mixtape after the group's social media account teased a portion of an unheard song. There were no explanations or descriptions about the track but it sparked interest from the band's followers, who have been wanting V to have his solo project under the group's banner brand.

According to reports, the singer has been posting cryptic messages about a potential solo release since late 2020. Eventually, he confirmed that he's working on a mixtape that will feature 13 songs but the details of this release are still a secret.

BTS fans are also eager for V to star in another K-drama following reports that the K-popstar is quite in demand for an acting comeback, given his current popularity. According to reports, productions are willing to pay the superstar half a million won for a TV project and the fee is even higher than South Korea's highest-paid TV star, Kim Soohyun.

Reports also cited that a foreign production company would like to cast V in a vampire series. V had one TV show, where he had a small role before he became a member of BTS. Since working with the band, however, he has no more time to take on other projects.