Taemin remains active these past few weeks. Following his live broadcast earlier this month, he now builds the hype further for his upcoming third mini-album, Advice.

AllKpop said that the SHINee member, alongside SM Entertainment, dropped the concept teasers for his track collection. The images feature him in a black-and-white fashion with a "larger-than-life chess board" theme.

The publication posted some of the photos on the report. Fans and followers have since become more excited to witness the five-track album.

Advice will follow his latest music release later in 2020. He dropped his third Korean studio album, Never Gonna Dance Again, which he released in two parts in September and November.

Taemin first revealed the details of his upcoming mini-album during his virtual concert on May 2. It will feature the lead track of the same name, "Advice," which he deems as a song to "showcase unique and diverse" sides of himself.

The SHINee member, also, noted that he is "looking forward to it, adding that he has "prepared a lot for the performance." It will officially drop on May 18.

He said the same thing, as well, regarding his solo concert on Naver's "Beyond LIVE" platform. He emphasized how much he put so much of his effort into the overall performance.

Taemin continued that the performances "have a special direction" that is far different from his usual concerts, according to Soompi. He explained that, in the past, he would only be satisfied if he "recklessly poured out everything" he had for his performances. 

The SHINee member, then, said that he now focuses on how to make things "look cool and sincere," unlike his other concerts wherein he would go overboard. In the end, he stated that these are the "natural changes" in his life as he grows older. He pointed out, however, that it is not about being "half-hearted" but, more of the "push-and-pull" of his energy.

Taemin's latest activities will serve as his final engagements before he enlists himself in the military. He confirmed his enlistment earlier in April during a VLive broadcast.

The SHINee idol told his fans that he did not want to spend the remaining month "being sad." This is why he decided to reveal his plans to his fans and followers through his own words in a direct manner.

Taemin's enlistment date is May 31, a few days after the release of Advice. He has not broken his silence yet regarding the activities he will do upon the premiere of his mini-album.