BTS member Jin has worked hard to gain his status as an international and award-winning music artist but more than 10 years ago, he was actually planning to be an actor.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Jin said that he actually majored in theater in college and went to auditions as an actor. But his talent agency, Big Hit Entertainment (now HYBE), had a different plan for him as they think he could make it big as a pop star.

Since he joined BTS more than eight years ago, Jin has never had the chance to pursue other things, including continuing with his acting training. The K-pop star said that right now, it's music that's at the center of his life so he's more inclined to do music-oriented stuff and stick with BTS than to star in a movie. Jin is no longer eager to be an actor as he'd rather improve on his craft and do his own music.

Jin also revealed that there are still many things about him that could be improved as a performer. He acknowledged that he's lacking in many areas and had to work harder than his fellow members because it was not easy for him to master their dance choreography.

While the fans think he's a very good singer, Jin said that he's also not that confident about his singing ability. He feels that he has yet to grow and develop this skill by training harder so he won't hold back the other members of the seven-man group. He is happy, however, that fans appreciate what he and the BTS are doing on the stage.

Jin also revealed that the BTS members are missing the days when they could go on tour. They have not done live performances because of the pandemic. They were supposed to kick off their world tour last April 2020, which has now been postponed indefinitely.

The BTS singer said this current crisis brought on a sense of powerlessness since they could not control what they could do, even as they want to meet up with the fans. On the bright side, however, the group has done more songwriting and recording during the lockdown, which helped alleviate their feelings of sadness and worries about the pandemic.

The downtime has also allowed the septet to reflect on their next plans, goals and the things that fill them with joy. Jin also said they had the chance to relax after years of hard work to get to where they are as the biggest boyband in the world. He admits he's now sleeping more, exercising, playing video games and watching movies and these simple and normal activities fill his satisfaction and contentment.