MAMAMOO leader Solar made her official solo debut in April 2020. She released "Spit It Out," alongside its music video, and met success on various media channels and charts.

This is not her first music release, though, as a solo artist. In 2018, she dropped her first extended play record, Solar's Emotion, which houses several covers of Korean pop songs.

Following her latest solo career movements, Solar recently hinted that this is likely just the beginning for her. Koreaboo said that the K-Pop idol revealed some of her plans and thoughts about the matter in her latest interview for The Neighbor magazine.

The MAMAMOO member stated that she feels all the excitement when trying new things. Moreover, she always has the "will to do well," as well as the "confidence" in herself to move forward.

As the engagement tackles her reported solo comeback, Solar did not seemingly share any specific details. Nevertheless, she said that "there is still a lot left to go," adding that it is not "too late to slowly try new things."

The K-Pop idol has done several projects and activities outside the group these past few months. As noted, she has been busy with her own YouTube channel, "Solarsido," wherein she shares videos of her mukbang sessions, diet plans, and fitness routines.

Despite having a lot on her plate when it comes to her solo ventures, her focus, alongside the rest of MAMAMOO's, appears to have shifted on their comeback these past few weeks. As it happens, the group will make their official return for the year this June.

Bandwagon Asia previously reported that the four K-Pop idols have been gearing up for their 11th mini-album, WAW (Where Are We). It will serve as a follow-up to their 2020 EP release, Travel.

The official release of the track collection will take place on June 2, at 6 p.m., KST. It is part of their three-part comeback as they celebrate their 7th anniversary in the K-Pop industry.

The other two releases will be in the form of a concert and a documentary. As for the release dates of the events, though, MAMAMOO has yet to disclose the information.

To date, the members of the group are seemingly continuing to build the hype over their 2021 comeback. Last week, they have already dropped some of the official teaser photos and posters for WAW.

Solar's shoots took the lead last Thursday as her solo concept images for MAMAMOO's return dropped first on various social media platforms. Pinkvilla, later on, said that the group leader "exuded alluring beauty" in the sets.