Prince Charles will definitely have a different reign than his mother, Queen Elizabeth, but a royal expert has warned that he could become a "tyrant king" because he's too political.

According to royal author Clive Irving, a monarchy with Prince Charles as the ruler could become disastrous because there are "some of the hints of a tyrant king about him." The Prince of Wales has built his own "echo chamber" that compounds his views, including political beliefs, which doesn't encourage opposing views.

Irving, who wrote the book The Last Queen, also claimed that Charles' circle is full of sycophants that make him out of tune with the public despite claims that he wants to modernize the monarchy. By doing this, however, Charles is showing "autocratic tendency," unlike the queen who has remained politically neutral in her 70 years of reign.

The royal critic said that while Charles is entitled to his views, as much as the next person, he's also someone who likes to intervene and makes his opinions known. Irving said that the future king is not discreet about his opinions, unlike his mother. The royal author sees that there will be public outcry once the queen's heir sits on the throne.

Irving pointed out that youngsters in Britain prefer Prince William, the second in line to the throne, than Charles as the ruler and there are also some quarters who do not see the point of having the royal family around, especially among the millennials. The palace would be hard-pressed to justify the existence, especially with a king with views that are too political.

According to an analysis, however, Charles' biggest challenge when he takes over the throne is to reconcile the royal family, especially with their patriarch, Prince Philip, now gone. This means he'll have to work harder at patching up his rift with his son, Prince Harry, and the legal troubles of his brother, Prince Andrew.

But royal expert Penny Junor believes Charles is ready to assume the role and become the "paterfamilias" as he steps out of the shadows of his father. At 72 years old, Junor said that the Prince of Wales has grown comfortable in his own skin and happier in his life, despite his challenging youth.

Prince Charles has also been taking on more responsibilities for the Crown since Queen Elizabeth's aging. In recent weeks, the future king has also absorbed the charities left behind by his father's passing.