An online community started to talk about the goodness of Lee Joon that even Dispatch, allegedly, gave up digging anything bad about him. From his generous heart to his great care for others, it looks like this actor has now become an angel on earth.

The online discussion featured things about Lee Joon's personal life. One netizen revealed the 33-year-old star is giving all his earnings to his parents and only using a bank card, where they put his allowance.

As he seems to be the perfect guy for doing this, Dispatch, allegedly, tried to follow him around to get some dirt on him.

However, the publication learned all he does is go to work and return home to rest. The netizen added this made Dispatch gave up on digging dirt on him as it could not find anything bad about him.

To reveal more of his good traits, another fan revealed Lee Joon usually donates money anonymously. He even donated 10 million KRW or $8,600 to the Community Chest of Korea, but it accidentally revealed his identity.

The online community also unveiled the reason why he chose to live frugally despite his success. According to him, trying to make more money than others is an illusion.

So, he instead chose to prepare for his future in his own way. However, his good deeds do not just stop here.

AllKpop noted a staff member who worked with Lee Joon before revealed he was the only celebrity who would willingly let other staff members use eating utensils during lunchtime. Mind you, his moves were not scripted but rather came naturally.

For starters, Lee Joon is a famed South Korean actor, singer, model and DJ. He is a former member of the k-pop band MBLAQ and is famously known for his roles in "Rough Play," "Gapdong" and "My Father is Strange."

He trained under Rain and J. Tune Entertainment before becoming his group's vocalist and main dancer. His very first acting debut was in "Jungle Fish 2" in 2010.

It was a youth drama that tackled youn students' real-life issues. At the time, he was only 22 years old.

Lee Joon even lent his voice for the show's OST, "Feeling Sad," with Hong Jong-hyun. From here, he tried his luck in the radio world as a DJ after his military discharged in 2019 and succeeded.

He became the host of the radio show "Lee Joon's Youngstreet" on SBS Power FM. Meanwhile, fans will again see Lee Joon back on the small screen in the upcoming series "Bulgasal" and "The Silent Sea."