Lee Suhyun of the South Korean sibling duo AKMU received the biggest surprise of her life after going online on the Naver platform, V Live, on Wednesday, Oct 13. She started a video titled "Hi!" but instead of a warm welcome for being offline for months, she met criticisms from BTS fans.

Suhyun last went online in May and never thought she would be criticized and insulted when she started a live stream. As BTS fans, ARMY, were waiting for Park Jimin to go live for his birthday at the time, they began to rush her to end her live session and even threw her insults.

Netizens started to heavily spam the live chat with comments and several of those were negatives. Some said they were waiting for "Jimin live," while others began to greet him for his birthday, AllKpop noted.

For the entire two hours and seven minutes of the stream, BTS fans continuously tormented her with their comments. Some even crossed the line and criticized her appearance, calling her "ugly" and more.

So, to try to stop the commenters, Suhyun said her parents and friends were watching the stream on TV. She also addressed the hateful comments the nicest way possible, despite being hurt.

She asked them not to fight and used casual and more formal phrases instead of derogatory words. She also requested them not to cross the line and it was okay to mention other artists as she could just look past it.

Given that Suhyun's live broadcast turned intense, it started to trend on Twitter and netizens had mixed reactions to it, per KpopStarz. Some said some from the BTS fandom were disrespectful of the K-pop star.

Though the 22-year-old singer was fine with it, her fans believed she deserved a public apology. So, despite not being involved in the incident, some ARMY members apologized to the young artist on behalf of their co-fandom.

To recall, in 2018, Suhyun addressed the comments about her looks and revealed she had a lot of "bad memories" about it. She admitted it was hard to meet other's standard of beauty and she believed she had not met those.

She had her own standards regarding beauty and she tried to make people understand. Suhyun was confident that she was beautiful no matter what anyone would say. "If I am pretty by my standards, I am pretty enough," she said back then.