The fight between Zenon and Yuno may finally come to an end in "Black Clover" Chapter 311. After Yuno manages to make a dramatic transformation, it looks like the final days of the Dark Triad are about to come.

Yuno unleashed a killer blow that almost took Zenon's breath away. Though the devil still survived, it looks like it will not last that long in "Black Clover" Chapter 311, but a new enemy may arrive.

OtakuKart News noted Yunoi now has the upper hand in the fight after teleporting behind Zenon and acquiring new magic. He used Star Magic Quartile: Flagellum against the enemy and from here, their battle might finally conclude.

This never-ending fight proves Zenon is a formidable foe. He turns out to be the toughest devil among the Dark Triad leaders, as he continuously bounces back after Yuno's Grinberryall's terrifying attacks.

Yuno has now attained the Saint Stage and hits Zenon with the Saint Spirit of Zephyr, which destroys the devil's heart, per IBTimes. Thanks to acquiring his own powers and a spade grimoire, Yuno has experienced a strong power development.

He strategically makes his best move when Zenon is at his wit's end. So, does Zenon still have any actions left to fight Yuno?

Epic Dope cited Zenon could only pull more moves if he would sell another extra body part to Beelzebub. So, would fans once again see the highest-ranking devil?

Fans have witnessed the back-to-back power-ups of Yuno. The previous chapter hinted at the end of his fight against Zenon.

There are theories the fourth Zogratis will come out after Zenon's defeat. This new villain is believed to be the mastermind of it all.

He is said to be why Zenon lost his sense of justice and he may come in to save the last Dark Triad member. This possible new foe promises to regenerate undying bodies.

Does this mean the Dark Triad can return in undying bodies? If this fourth Zogratis comes, there are also assumptions that Asta will face this new enemy.

He may have magic that can revive the soul. So, after dealing with the demons, the Magic Knights may next encounter a zombie apocalypse.

Will this happen? Also, will fans finally see the result of Yuno and Zenon's fight and officially bid goodbye to the Dark Triad? Fans are about to see these and more when "Black Clover" Chapter 311 drops on Sunday, Oct. 31.