BBC is now on the hot water after dropping its new documentary "The Princess and the Press." The network receives bias accusations, allegedly, being on the side of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, resulting in losing the airing of Prince William and Kate Middleton's Christmas carol concert.

BBC is being accused of going against the Cambridges to be in favor of the Sussexes. With that said, the future king and queen have, reportedly, banned the network from showing their special holiday concert.

Angela Levin, who wrote the Duke of Sussex's biography, claimed it was pretty telling that the final interview in the documentary was with the former actress' lawyer. At the same time, the royal family only had a written statement featured on the screen, Express noted.

In the said episode, Jenny Afia from consultancy Schillings spoke with the Duchess of Sussex's permission and rejected the claims that their client was "difficult and demanding."She even said the stories about the bad treatment of her staff were not true at all.

For starters, royal journalist Omid Scobie revealed that the royal household members had a beef against the controversial royal couple while still living in the U.K. Levin told MailOnline that the documentary's ending was the one that always stayed with the viewers.

But the network chose to feature Meghan's lawyer to prove that she was not a bully and a wonderful boss to work with. From here, she claimed the gist of the show was very biased, being anti-Prince William and Prince Charles and pro-Meghan and Prince Harry.

Levin noticed that the BBC did not let the royal family say when it let a lawyer from the Sussexes' side talk. For this reason, the Cambridges are said to have banned BBC from showing their Christmas carol concert.

Mirror Online noted that the charity fund-raiser, which Kate herself would be hosting, would be aired on its rival network instead, ITV. The people's favorite couple, allegedly, turned their back on the Beeb after releasing "The Princes and the Press" on Monday, Nov. 22.

The show revealed the Duke of Cambridge "had briefed" against his younger brother and the latter's wife. A source, then, told the Sun the two-part series was a "real coup" for ITV.

It was said BBC had already arranged the special was but took a 360-degree turn after a "terrible row" because of the controversial documentary. The concert was a brand new format from the royals and it was something that they had never been done before. It would be the first time a royal would be hosting a televised TV concert and to have Kate lead it was a real game-changer.

BBC is known as the national broadcaster, so all royal programs automatically air on it. However, it looks like Prince William, Kate and the rest of the royal family will now work with ITV from this day forward.