"One Piece" Chapter 1034 spoilers have now dropped and it teases the fight between Sanji and Queen. After Zoro and King, it looks like the Straw Hat Pirates are taking down each of Kaido's subordinates one by one.

Warning: The following content is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Titled "Queen vs Sanji," the fight between these two will be at a great pace as Queen will start using his hidden abilities. Knowing he is a very close acquaintance of Vinsmoke Judge, he wants to prove that he is a better scientist.

Queen can use all of Germa 66 abilities, Recent Highlights noted. The first one is the beams from his eyes, called Ichiji's "Sparking Valkyrie" attack.

The second one is covering his body with electricity, called Niji's Henry Blazer, and stretching his neck to catch Sanji. The third is the limb extension ability similar to what Yonji uses.

The final attack that will surprise Sanji in "One Piece" Chapter 1034 is his own Invisibility power. As these two start their fight, the Geisha, who Sanji thought he had hurt, will enter the scene.

Her name is Osome and she is chasing a mouse, named Chuji, on the live floor where Sanji and Queen are fighting. Queen notices the Geisha, who becomes his favorite after Komurasaki's death.

Queen tries his best to approach her several times but to no avail. The battle, then, continues and Sanji will use his high-speed movements to oppose Queen's invisible move.

He will also use a new Demonic Attack attack against Queen. The chapter will end with Sanji landing his final blow on Queen. So, will he win?

Queen will show his real strength in his battle against Sanji, per Epic Dope. Anyhow, Sanji is not the type who will easily give up. He will do his best to counter Queen's move, from overcoming it to trying to defeat him.

Meanwhile, "One Piece" Chapter 1033 mostly focused on Zoro and King's fight. King continuously attacked Zoro and despite the latter's struggle, the All-Stars member remained unscathed.

Zoro, then, started to go back to the past as he was about to lose, but this made him realize that he was the only one who could wield Oden's sword, Enma. From here, he unleashed all of the strength he got and prepared to end this battle with King once and for all.

"One Piece" Chapter 1034 will drop on Sunday, Dec. 5. Fortunately, there will be no break next week.