Controversies still surround Amber Heard even years after her split with Johnny Depp. Despite the victories she has had, reports said that she has "hit rock bottom" these past few months.

Sources cited her alleged split with Bianca Butti as the reason behind her latest debacle. But, it is only one of the things that have taken a toll on her, according to National Enquirer.

Heard's heartache is reportedly "nothing compared to the stress" she is experiencing ahead of her upcoming "showndown" with her former husband. She is not going to back down when it comes to this matter, making her "consumed" with it.

Apart from her ongoing battle with Johnny Depp, insiders stated that Amber Heard has been "stretched to the limit" because of her stint for "Aquaman 2." Moreover, these all come alongside being a mother to her baby girl, whom she welcomed through a surrogate in 2021.

The actress is, also, allegedly "running on empty" as she works and lives "out of a suitcase half the time. As added, she is "going through so much," and it has become difficult to be available, especially to Bianca Butti.

The same sources continued that these are the bases as to why she ended her romance with the cinematographer. She loved her "but this is not the time for her to be in a committed relationship."

The tipsters did not share any information, however, as to how they acquired the details about Amber Heard. Moreover, the actress has yet to break her silence regarding the issues surrounding her. Hence, it is still unknown whether the reports are true.

Regardless, her alleged split with Bianca Butti first made headlines earlier in December. Sources from the Daily Mail claimed that the two personalities "called off" their romantic tie due to distance after "spending months on different continents."

Heard and Butti's relationship reportedly "fizzled out" between them. As noted, the former was in England for her DC film, while the latter remained in the United States for her career.

In the end, however, the pair have never confirmed nor denied the assertions about them.

Meanwhile, witnesses recently spotted Amber Heard back in the United States. Earlier in January, photos of her emerged, showing her in a black shirt, a black jacket, and a pair of blue high-waist jeans.

Fox Business reported that she appeared to be running errands on an unseasonably cold day in Los Angeles. But, it was her car that seemingly caught the attention of the public because many believed it to be the Tesla Elon Musk gave her while they were in a relationship.

The publication explained that no one likely expected her to give up the car following their break-up. However, it was surprising, considering she reportedly believed it to be "bugged" by the Tesla founder, a claim that surfaced amid her contentious court battle with Johnny Depp in 2018.