The Beatles disbanded in 1970 due to several factors. But, the public appears to have pointed fingers, as well, to Yoko Ono, who married John Lennon a year earlier.

She had since remained in the negative light for the accusations thrown on her. But, Globe recently reported that she has now become a "superstar" again following the release of "The Beatles: Get Back" on Disney+.

Sources shared that many noticed the performance artist "sitting around, doing nothing" while the famous band prepared for their final album, "Let It Be." It is, reportedly, "weirdly riveting" to see her "midlessly leafing through a magazine" as the four artists rehearsed.

Despite the public's general perception of her over the years, insiders noted that Yoko Ono has remained in connection with fans for ages in secret. One even attested to receiving a response from the multimedia artist after writing a letter to her many decades ago.

As stated, the unnamed informant has "always adored" her. This is why it is good news that people "finally appreciate her" after five decades or more.

The recent assertions come as the new documentary series from Peter Jackson has seemingly placed the peace activist in a new light. Some headlines even deemed her the "hero" of the material as it "dispels the longstanding myth" of her breaking up the group.

After the premiere of "The Beatles: Get Back," several fans took their thoughts about Yoko Ono to social media. The majority of the posts appear to have praised and complimented the then-wife of John Lennon.

Some netizens even poked fun at her doing "mundane tasks," being those that "destroyed " The Beatles, leading to the group's ultimate demise. Others, however, pointed out how "pop culture" seemingly made the whole situation with Ono "more tense than it was."

Uproxx consequently stated that the director of the docuseries feels the same way about the matter. Peter Jackson shared in an interview that he has "no issues" with the performance artist. 

He continued that Ono "does not impose herself," and "never has opinions" about the things the band was doing. She is, reportedly, a "very benign presence," adding that she does not "interfere in the slightest."

Yoko Ono, later on, reshared the same article from Uproxx on her official Twitter account. She did not include anything but the link to the material.

The tweet has since received more than 3,000 likes and hundreds of retweets. Several fans and followers, also, showed support in the comment section, wherein many apologized for what she went through over the years.