Some Hollywood celebrities highly prioritize and treasure their privacy. These include "Divergent" star Shailene Woodley, who rarely talks about herself, especially her romantic relationships.

This is why when news of her engagement made the headlines, fans and followers were in total surprise. As noted, her relationship with her now-fiance was only confirmed days prior to the engagement announcement.

Several talks and speculations have since emerged, trying to shine a light on the pair's romantic ties. The most recent claims, though, alleged that the wedding will no longer happen as Aaron Rodgers broke the actress's heart.

Insiders told Life & Style that the relationship is now on the rocks, adding that it is even close to "nonexistent." They did not, reportedly, spend the holidays together because of their schedules.

Although Shailene Woodley "respects career obligations," Aaron Rodgers, allegedly, fails to be around, and has yet to pull his weight. As noted, while the actress works on her acting gigs, her soon-to-be-husband focuses on his plays for his team, Green Bay Packers.

The same sources, later on, stated that the "Big Little Lies" star is "devastated" because the NFL quarterback "chose football over her."

The tipsters did not, however, share further details about the actress's supposed heartbreak. Therefore, it remains unknown whether the story is true.

It is, also, worth pointing out that recent reports described the couple's relationship as "non-traditional." A different source even told People that Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers are "comfortable" with how their romantic tie works.

This comes as the professional athlete celebrated his birthday without his soon-to-be-wife. On top of it all, the actress did not acknowledge her partner's special day on her social media accounts.

The insider explained, though, that these things are "not odd" for the two personalities in terms of their relationship. They are said to be both "very private about things."

It makes total sense considering no one outside their circles seemingly knows how and when exactly their relationship began. Rumors first emerged, however, in July 2020, following Aaron Rodgers' split with Danica Patrick, adding that Shailene Woodley had something to do with the break-up.

But, things went quiet for months until February 2021 when Us Weekly confirmed the relationship. As reported, the two personalities started as friends, and were making their long-distance romance work.

Days after the dating confirmation, the NFL star made an announcement, revealing his engagement to the "Allegiant" actress. During the same month, Woodley confirmed their latest relationship milestone with Jimmy Fallon, noting that they had been engaged "for a while," and they met amid the pandemic.