More than half a decade has passed since Barack and Michelle Obama left the White House. Despite this, the former First Couple continues to make headlines in the last few years.

Sources recently revealed to Globe an ongoing issue between the two personalities. The former First Lady is said to be "livid" over her husband's activities, especially those that involved Hollywood.

As explained, the former U.S. President is flaunting himself as a "bigshot showbiz guru" to young and trendy celebrities. He is allegedly "strutting around like this power-crazed peacock," and it makes his wife cringe.

The insiders, then, spilled that Michelle Obama now has "regrets" about her move to convince Barack Obama to join her in Hollywood. She is claimed to be "embarrassed" for both of them, adding that she is already "at the end of her rope."

In maintaining the tone of the narrative, the informants continued that the former Commander-In-Chief of the United States was "wary" about getting into the movie business. On top of it all, he had a star-studded birthday, an event that allegedly made his head even bigger.

With these things at hand, it all drives the former First Lady up a wall. She now reportedly wishes her husband to "grow up" and support her more with her career.

Following all the allegations, though, the reported insiders did not provide any shred of evidence to prove them. Although there are several details that make the story seem legitimate, there has yet to be an on-record statement, corroborating the claims.

Therefore, the latest headlines appear to be speculative more than a fact of the matter. Unless Barack and Michelle Obama break their silence to verify the narrative, these all remain to be groundless assertions made by anonymous sources.

Meanwhile, the former First Couple appeared to have, indeed, entered the entertainment industry. Apart from their record-breaking memoirs, "Becoming" and "A Promised Land," they, also, closed massive deals with companies, like Netflix.

Through their venture, Higher Ground Productions, Barack and Michelle Obama have already produced and released several materials on small screens. Some of them are available for streaming on Netflix, including "American Factory" and "Becoming."

South China Morning Post previously reported that the public could expect more titles to arrive in the next few months or years. For films, the list includes "Exit West," "Satellite," and "Tenzing."

The former U.S. President and First Lady's company will drop series materials, as well, as part of their deal with the streaming giant. These will feature "Firekeeper's Daughter," "Great National Parks," and "The G Word With Adam Conover."