Another set of engagement rumors have once again surrounded Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn. Although no one knows if they are already engaged, a source claimed that the "All Too Well" singer has "no qualms" about saying "yes" to her long-time boyfriend.

Speaking to Us Weekly, the unnamed informant shared that Swift is now ready for a ring. They will likely be engaged soon, "if they are not already."

The friends of the two celebrities reportedly know that if it has not happened yet, "it will," and the singer will announce it to the world once she becomes ready.

The publication, then, recalled that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have been dating for about five years now. They have maintained their privacy, with the same source saying that the 30-year-old actor does not like to be in the spotlight when it comes to his relationships. Accordingly, it appears that being "on the DL" works for the two of them.

But, as they continue to keep things under the wrap, no one can confirm the current status of their relationship. Therefore, the latest claims about them are mere speculations unless otherwise stated.

The talks about Alwyn and Swift's potential engagement have always been around. This is not the first time the two personalities have faced similar assertions.

Just last week, they sparked another engagement rumor when they had a romantic getaway in Cornwall. Insiders revealed that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn flew from Nashville to spend the weekend in St. Ives.

Capital FM reported that the Cornish town is claimed to be a "special" place to the couple. This is why more theories about their status have surfaced across media platforms.

Despite all the developing speculations, though, the "ME!" singer and the "Harriet" have yet to break their silence, as has been the case, when it comes to their relationship.

There is very little information about how Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn met. It is believed, however, that their first encounter happened at the Met Gala in 2016.

Elle said that the theory about their first meeting emerged after the artist released her 2017 album, Reputation. The track titled "Dress" talks about a meeting wherein she described her hair as "bleached," and the other person's as "buzzed cut."

During the Met Gala in May 2016, Swift, indeed, had bleached hair, while Alwyn had a buzzed cut.

Whatever the case, though, the dating rumors only began in May 2017. Throughout the year, witnesses repeatedly spotted them in various locations, causing fans to conclude that they had started dating.

They have since shuffled away from talking about their romance during interviews and engagements. Two years later, the engagement rumors began pouring in, and this has continued up to this day.