Jennifer Lopez is "bossing" Ben Affleck to boost her career further. She is even reportedly "demanding" her partner to serve as her "de facto music manager and talent manager."

An insider told National Enquirer that the "Gone Girl" actor is "perfect" for the role more than any other man in his girlfriend's life. This is because he "loves strategy and backroom business dealings, as well as grappling with the big picture of a movie career"

Considering his reported interests, Affleck allegedly not only complies with Lopez's bids but, also, embraces being her "behind-the-scenes wingman."

It is unclear where or how the informant obtained the reported information about the celebrity couple. Hence, this makes the story unsubstantiated and a mere rumor.

In addition, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck do not seemingly mind what the tabloids have said about their relationship. Avid fans of the pair would know that this is not the first time they face rumors and speculations.

Amid all the allegations, though, Affleck and Lopez appear to be in high spirits toward their relationship. Some have even asserted that the two are "open to the possibility" of engagement and marriage, according to Entertainment Tonight.

As stated, the "Gigli" lead stars are "so in love" with each other. It would not come as a surprise to their respective loved ones if the DCEU actor proposes to the "Maid In Manhattan" actress.

The publication's source, also, added that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck will be "considerate of their children" when thinking and talking about moving forward with their romance. "They both want things to be great between their kids, not just the two of them."

The former now-reunited couple have yet to make confirmations regarding the matter. For now, though, the "On The Floor" singer deems the relationship to the "Batman" star as "beautiful."

Page Six said that Lopez shared her points of view about the rekindled romance to Ellen DeGeneres during an interview for "The Ellen Show" earlier this month. She noted that they were both shocked about ending up back together nearly two decades after their split.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez first became an item in the early 2000s. They ended up almost marrying each other in 2003 but decided to move forward on separate paths.

They went on to form relationships with other personalities over the years. Earlier in 2021, though, they rekindled their romance and have since maintained a relatively private link before the public.