Britney Spears' son, Jayden, broke his silence about his and Sean's relationship with their mom and why they chose not to attend her wedding to Sam Asghari in June. Recently, the kids made headlines after their father, Kevin Federline, revealed videos of them arguing with their mother on Instagram.

Jayden gave an interview with the documentary filmmaker Daphne Barak for ITV. Despite all the rumors surrounding their bond, the child revealed there was "no hate" between them.

In the excerpts from DailyMail, Jayden admitted they had a "fractured relationship," and it would take a lot of time and effort to mend it. He believed that it could be fixed and wanted the Pop Princess to get better mentally.

If that happens, the kid wants to see her mother again. Both Sean and Jayden weren't able to attend their mom's wedding, with the latter explaining that it "wasn't a good time to go."

Despite their absence, he said he was happy for her but knew there would be an issue if he and Sean were the only ones to attend her wedding, knowing she didn't invite the whole family.

HollywoodLife revealed that the "Hold Me Closer" singer and her two kids' relationship isn't on "good terms" at the moment. The 40-year-old performer is now publicly battling her ex-husband, Federline, after criticizing her parenting ways in an interview, claiming both Sean and Jayden had decided not to see their mother at this point.

Spears shot back through a post on Instagram, saying it saddened her that her ex had decided to discuss her relationship with her kids, considering raising teenage boys was far from easy. Federline also claimed that his former wife's provocative photos on Instagram were a large part of the problem, revealing it was "tough" for their boys, especially now that they're in high school.

However, Spears once again responded to the claim, stressing it was "long before Instagram," making her concerned that the reason was based on her social media posts.

Anyhow, Jayden also addressed this issue, explaining that it was almost like Spears had to post something to get some attention, Fox News added. He even claimed that it had been happening for years and there might be a chance that it would never stop.

But he still hoped that Spears would eventually stop doing it. He knew posting on Instagram helped his mother, so he was not going to hate her for what she wanted to do. However, Jayden wished she would soon realize that "whatever it is" stopped her from loving her family.