Former President Donald Trump, anticipating his possible arrest in connection to the Manhattan District Attorney's investigation, has urged his supporters to protest in the streets. Trump made this announcement during a recent interview, as reported by multiple sources including CNN and NY Daily News.

The investigation revolves around alleged financial crimes involving the Trump Organization, with the former President seemingly expecting an imminent indictment.

In response to the potential arrest, Trump called upon his supporters to make their voices heard. "I believe that people should be out there protesting on the streets, because this is a witch hunt," he said.

The former President's remarks have spurred discussions about the potential consequences of such protests, with many recalling the January 6th Capitol riots that were fueled by his incendiary rhetoric.

The Manhattan District Attorney's office has not publicly confirmed whether they plan to indict Trump. However, sources close to the investigation have claimed that the DA is considering various charges, including tax fraud and falsifying business records.

Trump's legal team is reportedly preparing for the possibility of an arrest. His attorneys have denied any wrongdoing and maintain that the investigation is politically motivated. "This is a continuation of the greatest witch hunt in history," Trump's lawyer said in a statement. "We will fight these baseless charges and stand by the former President."

Protesters have already begun to gather in New York City in anticipation of Trump's arrest. With the former President's encouragement, thousands of supporters are expected to take to the streets to protest the investigation. Law enforcement agencies have been put on high alert, ready to maintain order and respond to any potential unrest.

The Manhattan DA's investigation has been ongoing for several years and has recently gained momentum with the testimony of key witnesses. Jennifer Weisselberg, former daughter-in-law of the Trump Organization's CFO, has been cooperating with investigators, providing information about the company's financial dealings.

Trump's potential arrest is likely to provoke strong reactions from both his supporters and opponents. The former President's call for protests has raised concerns about public safety and the potential for violence. Local authorities and law enforcement agencies are preparing for any eventualities, hoping to avoid a repeat of the chaos that ensued during the Capitol riots.

As Trump braces for a possible arrest and urges protests in response, the nation remains on edge, waiting to see how this latest development in the ongoing investigation will unfold.