Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is reportedly in advanced discussions to join the cast of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," in a move that insiders claim could net her an astonishing $20 million. This potential television venture has left the British royal family stunned and concerned about the repercussions for the monarchy's dignity.

Industry insiders suggest that Meghan's participation in the Bravo network franchise, helmed by Andy Cohen, 55, could be a major audience draw. "On the surface, it seems outrageous - a member of Britain's royal family gossiping and bickering on TV with the regular housewives," an industry source noted. "But as far as drawing a large audience, it would be a brilliant casting coup!"

Meghan's ambitions for the show reportedly include a staggering $2 million-per-episode fee, significantly higher than current payouts for the franchise's stars. While Meghan views this opportunity as a stepping stone to greater fame, royal insiders fear the negative impact on the monarchy's image. "To have one of them stoop so low as to be involved in the silly, petty nonsense of these Real Housewives shows would strip the monarchy of whatever dignity it has left," a palace source lamented.

The Duchess's inclusion in the show could potentially involve discussions about her marital life with Prince Harry, adding to the controversy surrounding the couple following their numerous revealing interviews, a Netflix documentary, and Harry's memoir, "Spare."

Questions are being raised about Prince Harry's stance on this development, given his royal upbringing and the couple's departure from official duties. "Even though Harry and Meghan quit their royal duties for a star-studded life in California, we can't believe he has totally abandoned his upbringing. He has to believe a reality show like this is beneath them," the source added.

Andy Cohen's pursuit of Meghan for the show is described as relentless, with efforts to reach out through mutual acquaintances like Gayle King and Serena Williams. "Andy would kill to get Meghan on Real Housewives," said an industry insider. "The entire franchise is in decline, and nothing would reboot it better than Meghan. If she joined the show, the franchise would explode all over the globe!"

The move to reality TV comes in the wake of the Sussexes losing their lucrative Spotify contract and facing criticism for their financial ventures. Meghan's potential involvement in "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" is seen as a perfect fit by some. "A phony duchess -she's not a blue blood - in a phony town that's all about money, flash, and no substance ... that's dream casting," a royal insider remarked sarcastically.

As negotiations reportedly continue, the royal family braces for the potential fallout from what is perceived as a tactless and damaging decision for the monarchy's image. "It would be a big win for her," the palace source concluded. "But it would be a catastrophe for the monarchy!"

The Globe US magazine spoke to the sources.