Taylor Swift reportedly has reservations about her boyfriend Travis Kelce's family pursuing a reality TV show, fearing the impact on their privacy amid heightened industry interest.

Industry insiders have noted that producers are expressing interest in the Kelce family, particularly Travis’ brother Jason and his wife Kylie, aiming to portray them as a more accessible version of the famous Kardashian clan, Woman’s Day Australia reported.

This heightened interest has surged since Travis Kelce, a 34-year-old professional football player known for his stint on the reality series "Catching Kelce" in 2016, began dating Swift.

The allure of the Kelce family has caught Hollywood's attention, especially in light of Travis's relationship with Swift. Insiders suggest that the family is open to exploring lucrative opportunities that their newfound prominence might bring. However, Swift, who is also 34 and has meticulously crafted her public image, is said to have reservations about the project.

Known for her strategic management of her personal and professional life, Swift has previously spoken about the lengths to which she goes to maintain privacy, emphasizing the continuous effort to shield aspects of her life from public scrutiny.

Travis, the renowned NFL player for the Kansas City Chiefs, along with his brother Jason, are reportedly in discussions for a reality TV show that promises to delve into their personal and professional lives. Television producers are said to be offering the Kelce family, including Travis, his brother Jason, and Jason's wife Kylie, substantial financial incentives to participate in a series reminiscent of the Kardashian family's show, according to Life & Style magazine.

The involvement of Travis’ girlfriend, pop icon Taylor Swift, in the proposed series remains uncertain at this stage.

A source close to the developments was quoted saying, “Producers are sniffing around the entire Kelce family, especially Jason and his wife, Kylie,” highlighting the intention to portray the Kelces as a more down-to-earth alternative to the Kardashians. The informant added, "The level of interest in the Kelces since Travis started dating Taylor has not gone unnoticed in Hollywood. But it’s also very clear that they’re super thirsty for attention.”

Following their successes in the NFL, both Travis and Jason have seen their popularity soar. Apart from their athletic achievements, they host the widely acclaimed podcast "New Heights." Post his retirement from the Philadelphia Eagles, Jason has attracted interest from multiple television networks and is rumored to be considering a venture into WWE, as suggested by professional wrestler The Miz.

Travis is reportedly in discussions to host a new version of the game show "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" further demonstrating the brothers' openness to explore various entertainment avenues. "The brothers are clearly embracing every money-making opportunity that comes along," a source remarked to Life & Style. "And they have no problem oversharing, so a reality show seems to be a no-brainer.”

Previously, the Kelce family offered a sneak peek into their dynamics through the Amazon Prime Video documentary titled 'Kelce.' Travis himself has ventured into reality TV with his own show, "Catching Kelce." The potential reality series is expected to also feature the Kelces' parents, Ed and Donna, with Donna Kelce recently receiving a surge in business proposals, signaling a growing interest in the family's story.

As discussions continue and the concept of the reality show takes shape, the entertainment industry and fans alike await official confirmation and further details on the project.