During her recent mini-tour of Nigeria with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle has been receiving criticism for her "nakedness" that has been deemed to be culturally insensitive. Within a few days of returning to their $14 million estate in Montecito, the renegades of the palace made a commitment to visit the African nation, which is the homeland of Meghan's ancestors, on multiple occasions.

The first lady of Nigeria, however, may be slow to roll out the red carpet after she took issue with Meghan’s scant wardrobe choices and her attempt to serve as a role model for young Nigerian women, sources told The National Enquirer.

“We don't accept nakedness in our culture. This is not the Met Gala. The nakedness [for women] is everywhere while the men are well-clothed. That is not beautiful. So we have to do something,” Senator Oluremi “Remi” Tinubu said in urging her nation's teenagers and young people to reject risqué Hollywood fashion trends.

During their three-day tour, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were welcomed like true royals and showcased causes that are important to them, as per CNN. One of these causes was Prince Harry's cherished Invictus Games, which are held for wounded veterans. According to the results of a DNA test, Meghan is 43 percent Nigerian. She wrote a guest book in which she expressed her gratitude to the authorities for "welcoming me home."

However, Bola Tinubu, the wife of Nigeria's president, is allegedly upset and is suggesting to the young women of her country that they should not model their behavior after that of American celebrities such as Meghan.

“They do not need to mimic film stars from America. They don't know where they come from. Why did Meghan come here looking for Africa? “We know who we are. Don't lose who you are,” Senator Oluremi said.

Reaction was swift online. “Meghan managed to create an international incident!” said a royal observer on X. “We warned her about the clothes.” Another blasted, “It was disgraceful to dress that way, especially in the presence of children. It is a pattern of behavior for Meghan and Harry. They need to stop using Nigeria and Africa as a PR prop.”

The chorus of jeers is being joined by those who are inside the royal household. “Meghan should be humiliated,. Every true royal knows the number one rule when visiting another country is to learn and respect the culture. Nigeria isn't Hollywood, and Meghan's all-out ‘look at me' fashion choices were frankly wrong and inappropriate,” a high-level palace courtier told The National Enquirer.

It was Meghan's decision to parade about the country in sleeveless gowns that sparked the controversy, considering that her husband was reportedly dressed in three-piece suits.

“Nigeria's first lady made it clear women like the Duchess of Sussex are not good role models for Nigerian girls. I have to admit there were snickers in the palace when Meghan was called out. It certainly took the luster off their visit and dented their apparent intent to bill themselves as parallel royals. Meghan wants to be a superstar on the international stage, but this basic error makes her a laughingstock,” the royal courtier added.

Business Times has reached out to Meghan Markle for comments.