As her career appears to be falling apart all around her, Jennifer Lopez is beginning to crack under the pressure, a new report claimed.

Sources told The National Enquirer that the failure of her new album, in addition to the ridicule of the Prime Video documentary about her "simple beginnings" in the Bronx, has left the uncertain diva feeling obsolete to the audiences of today and scared that her time as a top star would come to an end!

As she imperiously strutted her thing on the red carpet at the glittering, star-studded Met Gala in New York City, Jennifer has allegedly been thrown through the meat grinder on social media in recent weeks for treating a reporter like dirt. This has caused her to receive a lot of backlash.

“The Boy Next Door” star, who is 54 years old, responded with a snarky comment and a steely scowl when the interviewer asked her whose designer she was wearing. This caused viewers to question what ever happened to Jennifer, the adorable little girl from the Block.

“Eww, why she have such an attitude,” wrote one poster, while another said she treated the reporter like a “peasant.”

According to some with knowledge of the situation, fans are angry about the singer's transformation from a girl from the neighborhood to an unapproachable jet-setter who has no connection to her previous fan base. In addition, they are concerned that her marriage to the notorious actor Ben Affleck is nothing more than a publicity gimmick that is completely incompatible with her urban-baby brand!

After taking into consideration the fact that "Papi" songstress is seated in the front and center of Fashion Week with Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue, and that she has magnificent houses all around the world, Jennifer admirers from the block couldn't feel more blocked, The Independent reported.

Both her "neighborhood girl" performance in the associated streaming documentary and her record, "This Is Me... Now," which had a steep decrease in sales, were not purchased by any of her fans. Furthermore, it has recently been reported that Jennifer’s residency in Las Vegas is also in jeopardy by this development.

An outraged admirer of Jennifer, who claims that she and the songstress attended the same Catholic high school, accused J.Lo of "lying" and mentioning the Bronx, which was the borough that came in second place, in order to make her appear more human.

According to sources, Jennifer is even trying to return to her former stomping grounds on American Idol in order to stem the tide of her disfavor now that her tour sales are growing mildew. According to those with knowledge of the situation, the “Let's Get Loud” hitmaker is looking for someone to blame, and her husband Ben Affleck is the one she is picking on the most.

“When she married Ben two years ago, she thought the world would fall in love with their love story and they would become a powerful brand in Hollywood. Instead, the wheels are coming off, and she not only isn't putting her best foot forward, she's actually shooting herself in the foot by acting snooty while the whole world watches!” the insider claimed.

Business Times has reached out to Jennifer Lopez.