The squabbling between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who are now in a relationship, took a significant bite out of their bedroom shenanigans. A new report claimed that the activity went from being red-hot to being no-go before the burned-out Batman hunk fled.

“J.Lo privately complains Ben wasn't up to par in the bedroom, that he stopped making an effort and became lazy and boring as a lover,” an unnamed source told The National Enquirer.

In May, the Oscar winner, who is 51 years old, moved out of their shared house and into a costly rental in Brentwood. This occurred less than two years after the couple tied the wedding with the demanding diva, who is 54 years old.

The dance queen is reportedly grappling with the strains of her failing album and concert tour, as well as the surprising revelation that her intended residency in Las Vegas may be in peril due to a lack of interest in performing there. But according to insiders, Jennifer and Ben haven't shown any desire in engaging in activities in the bedroom at any point this year.

“He was sleeping on the other side of the house for months and the consensus is they've barely had intimacy, if any, in 2024,” the informant stated.

After calling off their wedding in 2003, the pair known as Bennifer got back together in 2021 and was married in 2022, as per Harper’s Bazaar. Now, according to tipsters, Ben has quietly admitted that he "regrets" their wedding.

“Obviously when they first got back together it was electric — Ben couldn't keep his hands off her and he now admits he was blinded by lust. But the bickering and tension took a toll. He was so burnt out and bored by her diva fits, the physical attraction totally wore off!” the mole claimed.

Most, if not all, fans are aware that Jennifer and Ben made headlines for their cringeworthy PDAs. A spy said the kissy-face became a major turn-off for Ben.

“J.Lo needs attention nonstop from everyone, and at first Ben was caught up in the excitement. He started to get embarrassed when his friends made fun of him, but when he tried to tone it down she refused to let him off the hook. He got to a point where he resented having to put on a show!” the snitch claimed.

Also, the unhealthy habits that Ben had, such as smoking cigarettes and eating junk food, did not do their relationship any favors.

“J.Lo is notoriously disciplined and healthy, so it bugged the heck out of her. She put up with it but it wasn't exactly attractive. She didn't want to kiss him without handing him a mint first!” the source suggested.

According to an insider, Jennifer Lopez was extremely irritated by Ben's obstinate inability to let go of his ex-wife Jennifer Garner, who is 52 years old. “She hated that he spent so much time with Jen. At this point it's no shock divorce is on the table!” it claimed.

Business Times has reached out to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez for comments.