Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are, undeniably, two of the most bankable stars of their generation. They appeared on the Fifty Shades film trilogy as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, respectively. Though various fans thought that Jamie and Dakota are likely to develop romantic feelings for each other while filming the movie series, the duo made it clear that they are just friends.

Dating rumors hounded Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson when they were still working together for the film franchise based on the books of E.L. James with the same titles. Some reports claimed Amelia Warner's husband and Chris Martin's former ladylove got a little cozy with each other on the set of the three movies. There were even speculations that stated their steamy bed scenes helped them fall for each other.

While it is not unlikely for two people to fall in love for each other while doing romantic and intimate scenes together in a project, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson revealed that they became closer as friends since they developed more confidence and trust towards each other at the time. Now that the Fifty Shades is over, avid followers of the two are interested to know their whereabouts.

Recent reports claimed that Jamie Dornan was seen kissing an older woman in Mexico. The husband of Amelia Warner is, currently, in the country working on his upcoming new movie called Barb and Star Go To Vista Del Mar along with Kristen Wigg. The former leading man of Dakota Johnson and the 45-year-old actress were snapped in character holding hands and kissing torridly on set.

Aside from Jamie Dornan and Kristen Wigg, Annie Mumolo would also appear on the imminent new film. The on-screen partner of Dakota Johnson in the Fifty Shades movie series would portray as a spy called Edgar. No other details about the actor's character are made public as of yet.

Meanwhile, Dakota Johnson is set to appear on The Peanut Butter Falcon. The actress, who just came from an infamous split from Chris Martin, would portray as Eleanor. The upcoming movie is said to focus on a boy diagnosed with Down syndrome who ran away from home to achieve his dream of becoming a professional wrestler. Aside from Jamie Dornan's former leading lady, Transformer star Shia LaBeouf is also joining the forthcoming movie.

Rumors were saying that Tom Cruise is interested in dating Dakota Johnson now that she is said to be single again. An unnamed source, allegedly, told NW that Katie Holmes' former husband has been crushing on Jamie Dornan's ex-leading lady since he watched her in the Fifty Shades series. "He's watched the movie more than once. He doesn't want to waste any time and is planning on a bold approach when it comes to asking her on a date," the tipster, allegedly, claimed.

However, Gossip Cop was quick to debunk the rumors and claimed that an informant close to the Mission: Impossible star revealed that Tom Cruise does not have his eye on Chris Martin's former girlfriend. Stay tuned to Business Times for the latest news and updates about Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson!