Details about the upcoming The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 remain scarce up until now. History, already, confirmed that Marty and Rick Lagina are coming back for another run. However, avid followers of the active reality television series remain uncertain about its fate, forcing some to create theories and predictions of the show.

Fortunately, there have been leaked images of the show's upcoming new installment making rounds online. Reports have it that the said photos showed Marty, Rick, and the rest of the team exploring a certain area where the treasure is said to be buried. The snaps included the Money Pit, a supposed tunnel and wooden wall. This, then, sparked speculations that The Curse of Oak Island Season 7would feature more scenes near the said area.

It is believed that Money Pit is a lucrative point in the 57-hectare privately owned island in Lunenburg County of Nova Scotia, Canada. Speculations claimed that the Holy Grail, Arc of the Covenant, and several other treasures are buried there. Hence, it would not come as a surprise if Marty and Rick Lagina focus on excavating this area in the upcoming The Curse of Oak Island Season 7.

Other reports suggested that there would be new excavation methods to be introduced in The Curse of Oak Island Season 7. Neither Marty nor Rick Lagina has confirmed the kickoff of their operations in the island for the upcoming seventh installment. However, a local resident claimed that there had been a lot of activities in the swamp lately.

The same source stated that there was a lot of heavy equipment being transported on a daily basis, suggesting that there could be some major activities happening in Oak Island. Before The Curse of Oak Island Season 7, Marty and Rick Lagina found some shreds of evidence of a sunken ship and this, according to the rumors, could be the focus of the imminent new season.

Aside from that, there are, also, reports saying that The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 could be the last and final installment. Rumors have it that the forthcoming seventh installment would, finally, solve the Oak Island mystery. Since History ordered 36 episodes for the new season - significantly higher than the previous installments, this may suggest that the show's ending is approaching already.

While these reports could be true, it should be noted that History has not yet released any official details about the upcoming new installment. So, fans should take these unverified claims lightly until everything is proven true and correct. The seventh season of the famous television series is expected to arrive in Fall 2019. Stay tuned to Business Times for more The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 spoilers, predictions, news, and updates!