There is no denying that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are among the most low-key couples in Hollywood. Nearly three years since the pair started their romance, the "Lover" singer has remained mum about the details of her relationship with the 28-year-old English actor. Since Taylor and Joe have been uncharacteristically quiet about their relationship, avid followers of the two are wondering if they are considering tying the knot soon.

Previous reports claimed that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are, already, considering to settle down. Rumors are rife that the couple had been engaged already. Since the "Cornelia Street" songstress has been known for using her music to describe her relationships, some fans alleged that her newest song lyrics had referenced a wedding.

In August, Taylor Swift shared a photo of her wearing a blue-colored dress on Instagram. The 29-year-old American singer wrote an intriguing caption to the said post, which was later learned to be the lyrics of her new track called "Lover." "My heart's been borrowed, and yours has been blue. All's well that ends well, to end up with you," it read.

The said post, effortlessly, became the talk of the town, especially after a fan noticed Taylor Swift liked a Tumblr post that connected the lyrics to a wedding rhyme. Another fan claimed that the "Paper Ring" singer appeared to be holding a string on her ring finger in the photo she shared. Avid followers of the Pennsylvania-born popstar, then, assumed that she is engaged with Joe Alwyn already.

Another possible sign that point to Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn being engaged already is the rock she wore on her finger in the "Me!" music video. In the said clip, Brendon Urie offered the "London Boy" songstress an engagement ring, which she rejected in favor of her real-life pet.

Taylor even revealed, in the comment section, that there is a secret in the video that she has been keeping for months. While some followers think that the secret could have been her new pets, many are convinced the secret is that she might be walking down the aisle to marry Joe Alwyn soon.

In June, NW claimed that the couple is already getting married. "The talk is that they may well have married in the States at a quiet little chapel in New York, before jetting off to Paris and celebrating with a few close personal friends," an unnamed source, allegedly, told the publication. The informant added that Taylor Swift is planning for a bigger party in the United States.

However, Gossip Cop was quick to debunk the claims and said that the City Clerk's Office in New York revealed there was no marriage license on file for the couple. The fact-checking news outlet, also, had a chance talking to an insider close to the situation, who assured that all Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn wedding rumors are fabricated.