The idea of Jennifer Aniston turning on Brad Pitt for financial advice seems to be insulting for the Friends actress since she herself could be an advisor to anyone who is starting in the industry. However, this is what one tabloid is claiming, other than Aniston and Pitt have got back together.  

According to the Globe, Jen has been "leaning on" her ex husband's tips on commercial deals, sponsorships, and other "business schemes." Brad is, allegedly, offering his expert advice to Jen as he continues to take earnings from jewelry companies and fashion lines that he endorses.

"Jen's always open to new opportunities and there aren't many more savvy operators in Hollywood than Brad. So it's only logical she'd ask him for help," the tabloid source claimed. 

The Globe added the former spouses have gotten close recently after Brad attended Aniston's recent birthday party. However, the interactions between the two lately have been focused on business opportunities. The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor is allegedly sharing the trading do's and don'ts that he has learned over the years. 

Gossip Cop noted that it could be true that Pitt attended Aniston's 51st birthday in February but that's about it. The publication stressed that it is ridiculous to claim that Jen is seeking commercial deals or sponsorships advice from Brad if she makes lucrative brand deals on her own all the time. 

In fact, Elle Magazine called The Morning Show actress the "face that launched a thousand ad campaigns." In its cover story in July 2018, it listed down some of the biggest brands that Aniston has endorsed through the years. She has been the face of SmartWater, Aveeno, L'Oreal Living Proof, Elizabeth Arden's perfumes, Emirates Airlines, and more and there has been "Ad-iston fatigue" because of her presence in many ads.

As for business dealings, Aniston co-founder Echo Films in 2008 along with her close friend, producer Kristin Hahn. Overall, Aniston has been one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood and it doesn't seem she needs financial help from her ex-husband at all. 

Gossip Cop also noted that Globe could not be trusted when it comes to Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's stories. In the past few months, the tabloid made several ridiculous claims about the former couple. 

In February, it claimed that the Ad Astra actor has given Aniston an ultimatum about her drinking habit. The actor, allegedly, has asked Jen to choose between him and her booze. 

Earlier this month, it claimed that Pitt's ex-wife Angelina Jolie was planning to drag Aniston into her child custody battle against Brad. Gossip Cop debunked all claims.