Melania Trump automatically became the First Lady of the United States in 2016. Although she just officially accepted the title upon her arrival in the White House, the public already considered this when her husband won the Presidential race months prior.

As the First Lady of the country, she does not make money inside the White House. But, despite this, she is one of the richest US First Ladies. As it happens, her current net worth is at $50 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Many have wondered how she is worth that much. While others have considered her links to her husband, Donald Trump, reports said that her wealth is not based on her marriage and tie to the now-US President.

Before performing and carrying out the duties of the First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump had a career, as well as business ventures. She was a model, who had ventures in the jewelry and cosmetics industry, according to the Daily Express.

Melania reportedly started her modeling career during her teenage years. After her big break, she relocated outside Slovenia to continue her career in Milan and Paris. Even after her move to the United States, she still reportedly went on to continue her passion for modeling.

Aside from this, Melania also founded her own ventures. Given that she studied "design," she reportedly said that she knows about it, as well as fashion.

She released her own jewelry and skincare lines. As reported, her products always went out of stock every after launch.

These are reportedly the main ventures that made her worth increase over time. But, aside from these endeavors, Melania Trump also has "passive incomes," as per South China Morning Post.

Thanks to her modeling days, she has now a portfolio of photos that lets her earn "royalties." As explained, her net worth has been also racked up by licensing her photos.

The reports noted that she previously declared this on her financial documents. In 2015 alone, she reportedly obtained between $100,000 and $1 million for the royalties of her photos.

While many have thought of her as a huge shopper and big spender, Melania Trump is not reportedly one. Instead, reports said that she invests her money in ventures, like properties. In fact, she recently bought an apartment in the Trump Tower as an investment.

In the end, Melania Trump has earned her millions in her own efforts and ways. But, several reports said that Donald Trump, particularly the family's name and network, has helped her wife, in some way and somehow, to increase her net worth.