There is little doubt that the previous year has been truly difficult for Wonho. Although he started out 2019 being a member of MONSTA X, his career hit a huge pitstop filled with controversy and false accusations. Luckily, Lee Hoseok never gave up and is now prepared to embark on a solo career with the support of his loving fans. In celebration of that, Wonho has just announced the name of his fandom and it's perfect.

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that Wonho has signed on to Highline Entertainment, a subsidiary of Starship Entertainment that will handle his solo career. Soon after that, Lee Hoseok confirmed on VLive that they are already recruiting for his first fanship although there weren't any updates about his new music. Nevertheless, fans were excited and ready to support the idol.

On June 29, the official Wonho Twitter account announced that the fandom name will be revealed at 10pm KST. The announcement also marks the first time that Wonho would make an appearance after his long hiatus. Needless to say, fans celebrated and prepared for the announcement.

The VLive starts out with Wonho looking nervous but he immediately lights up as soon as he realizes that he is live. Lee Hoseok quickly greets his fans and thanks them for joining the broadcast before announcing the fandom name.

Wonho made the announcement by holding up a sign with the fandom name. The placard reads 위니 (WENEE), which he revealed was suggested by a fan through a submission in the fanship. According to Lee Hoseok, he chose "WENEE" because it stood for "WE are NEw Ending". In addition to that, it is also short form of the words "WE NEEd" and "WE are NEver Ending", both of which signify his special bond with his fans.

Amazingly, Wonho had another surprise for WENEEs. He announced that since it was the fandom's birthday, he took out a cake and sang "Happy Birthday" for his fans. In addition to that, he signed seven polaroids that would serve as the prize for the fan who helped him pick out the fandom's name.

For now, Wonho has not yet released new music for his solo career. Nevertheless, there is little doubt that WENEEs will be supporting the idol as he prepares for his first album and releases his music. Hopefully, Lee Hoseok will surprise his fans yet again with some good news soon.