Melania Trump is, by far, the most "private" First Lady of the United States. While she has become quite popular in recent years, considering her position, very little is, reportedly, known about her, as per claims.

There are some significant details about her life that the public knows. However, only a few can, reportedly, tell whether they are true or not. Also, Melania herself rarely talks about her life. So, it becomes a little more difficult to get to know the real her.

Despite this, reports said that there is one thing from her past that has continued to haunt her. This has become very apparent before the public's knowledge when she became the United States First Lady, according to Cheat Sheet.

As stated, Melania Trump's "nude photos" in the late 1990s and early 2000s are now haunting her. If some would recall, she posed for some magazines in the past that featured her either fully naked or topless.

When Donald Trump decided to run for the Presidential Race in 2016, decades-old photos of his wife went viral. Several individuals have continued to use this against her and her husband as they continue to lead the United States from the White House today.

When the photos first came into light, the now-First Couple could not be "prouder," according to The Sun. The now-US President even, reportedly, defended the photos claiming that these are all "normal," especially in Europe, the place where the photos were taken.

Donald Trump also, reportedly, pointed out that these photos were shot "prior" to him knowing Melania Trump. As previously reported, the Trumps first met in 1998.

She was working as a model in Paris and Milan, and, later on, in New York. Some reports then said that her nude and "steamy" photos were part of her career as a "supermodel." 

Amid all this, however, Melania Trump does not "regret" them, particularly her shoot with GQ in 2000, as per the same publication. She even, reportedly, noted it as one of her "greatest achievements."

Aside from being proud of her work prior to her efforts in the East Wing, the First Lady also, reportedly, earns money from her photos. As reported, she makes money from the royalties of her photos.

Some publications even credit these royalties to her current net worth of over $50 million. So, in the end, it seemingly appears that while this thing from her past continues to haunt her, she does not see it as a real haunting matter to focus on.