It has been nearly four years since Donald Trump won the US presidential election, making his wife, Melania Trump, the lawful First Lady. But as the latter transitioned from being a known model to a high-profile personality, what changes has she showed since she started to be a FLOTUS?

A style expert revealed that ever since Melania Trump began her political role, she has shown a "subtle change" to her status. Allegedly, the 50-year-old personality is showing off her dominant position and character.

The mother-of-one is used to be under the spotlight for being a model when she was young. However, Head of Buying at Pure Collection Kate Stacey claimed she made a drastic change when she came to the White House.

She told Express that the businesswoman seemed to transform herself by taking her dressing style to the next level. She then explained that it was hard to "image an item of clothing" similar to "influence and prestige than the cape." For the FLOTUS's part, she loves the cape.

Whenever Melania Trump goes out and about, she is undeniably a head-turner due to her outfits. As a model, she is well aware of designer looks and even often wears expensive clothes. Stacey claimed she is proud to flaunt her stand and success as the First Lady through her style.

She went on to say that Donald Trump's wife is successfully achieving her striking appearance through her designer choices. She loves the expensive designer clothes by Givenchy, Dolce and Gabbana, and Christian Dior.

Her lavish looks can also be seen in her footwear, always wearing a pair of stiletto Louboutin pumps. By the looks of it, she seems to be showing she has all the means to perfectly show her wealth, power, and status through her style.

However, although she is known for her love for expensive things, Stacey said it was not her style. She has switched her glamorous and revealing looks to have a stronger appearance.

The image Melania Trump follows since Donald Trump became the U.S. President is far different from her previous style choices before she entered the White House. She no longer wears satin slips and off-shoulder bodycon dresses. As how Stacey puts it, she has moved away from her usual style to be more sophisticated.

News Lagoon noted that before Melania Trump became as the new First Lady, she formerly worked as a fashion model. She was under the modeling agencies in Milan and Paris before she decided to move to New York in 1996.

She then got associated with Trump Model Management. After she met Donald Trump, they tied the knot in 2005. From here, the rest is history.