Thandie Newton has her fair share of working experiences with Hollywood A-list stars and one of them was with Tom Cruise. Newton opened up about her not so pleasant experience on set with Cruise but clarified that the actor wasn't a bad person or difficult to work with.

Cruise and the Westworld actress worked together in Mission: Impossible 2. In an interview with Vulture, Newton was asked why she did not return for another M:I sequel. The Westworld actress admitted that she wasn't asked to do another sequel. Newton played the role of Nyah Nordoff-Hall in the second installment of the franchise. 

Newton added that she was scared of Cruise because he was a very dominant person. Thandie said the actor tried his best to be a nice person but the pressure at work overwhelmed him. She added that she believed Cruise has a way of thinking that he can do everything as best as he can that is why he pushes himself to his limit. 

The Solo: A Star Wars Story actress recalled the most difficult moment she had on the set of M:I 2 and how frustrated she was when their night scene wasn't doing well. It was the moment between Cruise's character Ethan Hunt and Nyah Nordoff-Hall at a balcony. 

Newton believed that it wasn't a well-written scene so they got frustrated with each other. She added that director John Woo wasn't of any help at the time because he didn't speak English. 

She believed that the problem with her character was the fact that Nyah Nordoff-Hall didn't have great lines in the scene. Cruise made a suggestion to rehearse their lines but he will do her lines and she will do his. 

Newton said the actor's idea wasn't helpful either. She admitted that it pushed her into a place of terror and insecurity. She referred to that moment as a "nightmare" when she called her friend and Beloved director Jonathan Demme to vent her frustration. 

Thandie Newton said Cruise also called her later that night. She admitted that she was expecting an apology from the actor but instead Cruise delivered the news that they would be reshooting the scene at a later date.

Newton clarified that despite that unforgettable experience with the Jack Reacher actor, she doesn't think Tom Cruise is a bad person or difficult to work with. She believed that the Top Gun actor simply puts too much pressure on himself.

The 47-year-old actress was grateful for the role and thanked Cruise's ex-wife Nicole Kidman for her casting. The two actresses worked together in the 1991 movie, Flirting.

Mission: Impossible is currently on its seventh installment. Tom Cruise and the rest of the cast and crew of the franchise are expected to resume filming M:I 7 in the United Kingdom soon as the country eased up its restrictions on movie and TV productions.