Shameless season 11 halted its production due to the current global health crisis and this caused writers to make some changes in the stories. Once the series premieres on Showtime, it would deliver timely stories expressed through the show's point of view.

According to a report from TV Guide, executive producer John Wells said it's impossible to do a satirical comedy about the working poor without mentioning what's going to happen to that community. We could expect the Gallagher family dealing with these heavy problems in Shameless season 11.

This isn't a surprising move at all, especially since the series never shied away from important and real-life issues. Over the past years, the show has discussed relevant topics, including politics, homelessness, sexuality, gender roles, as well as racism.

Most of the stories are presented in a comedic way, something that's appealing to a lot of audiences. In Shameless season 11, we could how the Gallaghers deal with the real-life health crisis, which will be expressed in the series' signature lens.

As for when we could see the new season, nothing is confirmed as of this writing. It was announced, earlier this year, the upcoming installment is expected to premiere in the summer. However, some things have already changed because of the coronavirus outbreak.

If production could start soon, the upcoming installment could be released either in late 2020 or in early 2021. But, filming still depends on the current situation; it could begin once the situation goes back to normal, or at least gets a little bit better.

Also, the schedules of other cast members might be affected because of the changes. Emily Kenney (Debbie Gallagher), in particular, could have conflicting schedules. The actress, also, stars on ABC's The Conners. So, her schedules may not accommodate both series this time around.

Meanwhile, Shameless season 11 serves as the series finale and it will continue to follow the lives of the Gallagher family. The previous installment featured Ian and Mickey's wedding, which is a happy celebration for all of them.

However, Mickey's father, Terry, wasn't happy about it and tried to ruin the ceremony. He attempted to burn the venue and interrupted the newlyweds' honeymoon. He will continue to be a huge torn in Ian and Mickey's relationship in the final season.

Lip, on the other hand, struggled with his alcoholism and had a huge fight with Tami. Good thing is that the two patched things up and Tami decided to stick around for the sake of their son, Fred. She also helped Lip fixed up their new home in Chicago.

Meanwhile, nothing is confirmed whether or not Emmy Rossum is returning as Fiona in Shameless season 11. But, Wells said in a previous interview with TVLine that he would love to have all the characters coming back in the series' final run.