Gaming studio Blizzard recently announced its intention to hold a virtual BlizzCon in the early part of 2021. Blizzard reportedly opted for this kind of event to make up for the annual event that has been canceled due to the pandemic. Most industries are currently facing the same situation as the novel coronavirus continues to see an increased number of infected cases.

Virtual BlizzCon 2021

Blizzard Entertainment confirmed that the yearly event BlizzCon would return next year as a virtual event. In May 2020, Blizzard canceled the BlizzCon because of the global spread of the COVID-19. During that time, the gaming studio said it is exploring the possibility of holding the annual event online.

During the company's earnings call, Blizzard President J. Allen Brack shared that a virtual counterpart of BlizzCon would happen in the early part of next year. He added that the company is fortunate to have an engaged and passionate community looking forward to what Blizzard is creating. Brack also hinted at some details about the upcoming event. He noted that the company is looking forward to sharing what various teams have made at the BlizzCon 2021 virtual event.

Other Details

Meanwhile, the gaming studio was recently in hot water because of complaints of employees' mistreatment. Earlier, Bloomberg reported about the alleged internal document containing wages leaked by anonymous individuals. The report claimed that Blizzard employees are unhappy with the compensation they are receiving.

Further, Blizzard's stand on Hong Kong protests last November last year also marred the gaming studio with controversy. Despite all these, Blizzard is still actively engaged with the community through its games. It recently rolled out the "Overwatch" Summer Games 2020 and would soon release the Shadowlands update on "World of Warcraft."

Blizzard also hinted on the potential reveal of "Call of Duty 2020" through a Warzone event at the earnings call. Over the past weeks, the Internet was rife with leaks and rumors about Activision's upcoming game. Images, multiplayer, and other features of the rumored game have been leaked.

It is worth mentioning that the ongoing global health crisis has affected a lot of events and conventions. The industry missed Bethesda's QuakeCon, the Game Developers Conference, and E3 this year because of the pandemic. Like Blizzard, other gaming studios are opting to online or virtual events to provide the industry with the latest updates and launch their newest offerings.

Sony is holding the PS5 State of Play this month. Xbox Boss Phil Spencer also hinted about another Xbox Series X event happening in August.