SuperM is making an epic comeback on September 25 with their first full album.

According to a report by All Kpop, the news was confirmed by SM Entertainment. The agency revealed that the album will be entitled Super One.

Even before the full album drops on September 25, SuperM members Taemin, Kai, Baekhyun, Taeyong, Mark, Lucas, and TEN will release their first lead single entitled 100 on August 14.The second lead single entitled Tiger Inside will be released on September 1.

This is great news for fans of SuperM after its members became busy with promotions for their respective groups after SuperM's debut and U.S. tour last year.

It can be recalled that SuperM is a concept group made up of members of SHINEE (Taemin), EXO (Baekhyun and Kai),  NCT (Taeyong, and Mark), as well as WayV (Lucas and TEN).

The group was formed by SM Entertainment and Capitol Music Group to take an Avenger type concept, wherein members assemble for projects every few months and still maintain activities with their original groups.  Because of this unique concept, SuperM was formed in October 2019 and was the first major Kpop act that was launched in the US.

Last year, their debut single Joppin' received positive reviews from music experts and fans all across the globe. Their recent concert staged on the BEYOND LIVE platform was also well supported by SuperM fans from 109 countries.

According to a report by Forbes, 75,000 fans paid an average of $26 to $30 USD to watch SuperM on their first live-streamed concert. This effectively earned the group $2 million in ticket sales.

Fans had a lot of fun with the interactive features offered by the BEYOND LIVE experience wherein members engaged them with several activities. Owing to their international audience, members also addressed the fans in different languages to show their love. 

It can be recalled that Red Velvet also video called for a surprise appearance and SuperM also treated fans to an advance performance of their upcoming release Tiger Inside

In recent months, EXO, NCT, and WayV staged their respective comebacks which performed well globally. Baekhyun, also, released his solo comeback Delight, which became the first Korean solo album that sold over one million units in 19 years.

Kai and Taemin are, also, reportedly, preparing for their solo releases this year. Taemin recently suffered a wrist injury from practicing his choreography, which may delay his comeback release.