You can add a personal touch to your macOS Big Sur's Safari 14 when you customize the wallpaper of its home screen.

The macOS Big Sur comes preinstalled with Safari 14, and according to Apple, it will also be available as a separate update with new features and enhancements for the macOS Catalina at the end of the year. One of the big changes with Safari 14 is its redesigned home screen, which features custom wallpapers and website suggestions. If you have not done it yet, there is a way to customize the wallpaper on the home screen of the Safari 14 on macOS to give it a more personal touch.

When you open your Safari, the home screen immediately comes up. On macOS Big Sur, Safari 14's home screen features a fresh look and also displays your most-visited websites, as well as privacy reports, iCloud tabs, Siri suggestions, reading lists, and many more. To make its look more personal, Apple allows you to customize the home screen of the Safari 14 on macOS with wallpapers of your choice. You can opt for wallpaper from the Safari 14 gallery, or you can add your own using images you have stored on your Mac.

You can also keep privacy reports hidden, remove favorites, and do away with Siri Suggestions if they annoy you. In short, you now have more control over your Safari 14's home screen and can begin to apply customizations so that it is in sync with what you see as more important. To customize the home screen of the Safari 14 on macOS, you have chosen from among the several customization options available. These include removing clutter or specific items from the Safari Start Page and setting customized wallpaper for your Safari 14 home screen.

To customize the home screen of the Safari 14 on macOS, open the browser on your Mac. Next, click on the Settings button on the Start screen, which will show you some choices, including background image options. Turn this on. Then, select from among the wallpapers from within the gallery, or you can also opt to click the "+" button to add a picture you stored on your Mac. If you wish to use one of the images in the gallery yet have not found any that suits your taste, you can always download original Safari 14 wallpapers or look for a compatible picture you can use for your new Safari wallpaper.

The entire process is very simple and easy. You can customize the home screen of the Safari 14 on macOS in just under a minute, or perhaps less than two minutes. The best thing about having the power apply your own customization is you can retain what you really need and get rid of those that you do not have any use for. This way, you will have a cleaner and uncluttered home screen with a wallpaper that can get you in the mood.