The latest national opinion polls in the U.S. show Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden leading president Donald Trump in three battleground states but losing ground in Ohio.

Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin in 2016 gave Trump the popular votes he needed to win the Electoral College votes that gave him the presidency. The latest poll from Trump-friendly Fox News released Wednesday still shows Biden ahead of Trump in these three swing states.

Biden leads Trump 52% to 40% in Michigan, 50% to 45% in Pennsylvania and 49% to 44% in Wisconsin. The poll's margin of error was three percentage points.

Trump, however, is now ahead in another swing state, Ohio. Among likely Ohio voters, Trump leads 48% to 45%, which is within the poll's margin of error. This means Trump and Biden are statistically tied in Ohio.

This poll is an improvement for Trump - who fell behind Biden 45% to 50% in the previous Fox News poll.

Biden is ahead by double digits among suburban women in these four states. He leads Trump among this demographic in Pennsylvania by 35 percentage points.

Poll analysts said suburban women were leaving Trump over the past weeks.

The latest CNN poll supports the Fox News findings. Biden is ahead of Trump in Pennsylvania 53% to 43%. He is beating Trump 50% to 46% in Florida - another battleground state.

On the other hand, a CNN Poll of Polls average in Florida shows Biden at 49% compared to Trump's 44%. The current average of high-quality polls in Pennsylvania, including three released Wednesday, also shows Biden leading, 51% to 43%, on average.

The polls reveal significant minorities of voters in Pennsylvania and Florida saying they've already voted. Those that have voted went heavily for Biden in both states.

Those that have yet to vote are expected to support Trump on Election Day, but not by as large a margin as Biden holds among those that have voted over the past weeks.

The swing states in 2016 were Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin where close electoral fights are to be expected, said election analytics website FiveThirtyEight.