SEAL Team season 4 is officially premiering next month on CBS following a long hiatus due to the current global health crisis. Ahead of its release, fans have been getting updates about what's coming next in the story. It looks like the latest installment is losing one of its series regulars in terms of casting news.

Jessica Paré, in particular, is said to be leaving her series regular role in SEAL Team season 4. The news first came after some fans noticed that the actress wasn't longer listed as series regular in a press release and listed as a guest star, instead.

In addition to this, Give Me My Remote further reported that Paré's Mandy Ellis will not be a series regular in the fourth installment of the military action drama. However, the outlet didn't provide an exact reason regarding the actress' exit, and CBS hasn't commented on the matter as of this writing.

Paré's potential departure as series regular in SEAL Team season 4 is surprising to fans, considering what happened to her and Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) in the season 3 finale. Now that she's not returning regularly, there is a question of how their romance will unfold.

Aside from her romantic life, there's also a question of how the team will function without her being full-time with them. She is a huge help to the Bravo Team and often the important source of tactics and intelligence. Her dynamics with all the members proved to be interesting, as well.

Mandy was first introduced in the series as the CIA liaison of the Bravo Team. However, she was demoted in the season 2 finale after she gave up the location of a CIA asset. In the third installment, she navigated her new life, and her romance with Jason further blossomed after the two shared a kiss.

While some are disappointed that Paré's is not returning as a series regular, the good news is that viewers will see her during the two-hour premiere of SEAL Team season 4. The first part is titled "God of War," which was originally planned for the third season, but filming was shut down due to COVID-19.

In this episode, the Bravo Team will enter the Spin Ghar Mountain Range in order to capture Al-Hazred, the leader of a terrorist group. This person is the son of the terrorist leader whom Jason took down during his early days in his career and made him Bravo One.

Cerberus, the dog, will also be in the spotlight as the canine and Jason got separated from the group. In the second part, "Forever War," the Bravo Team reunited with the two. Then, they'll continue with their mission to track down Al-Hazred.

SEAL Team season 4 premieres on Wednesday, Dec. 2, on CBS.