Brock Lesnar is not currently under contract with the WWE although there are murmurs that he may return before Wrestlemania 37. The Beast Incarnate has been known to make appearances on occasion and doors have not been entirely closed between the many time heavyweight champion and the promotion.

Assuming he does make a return, it places Paul Heyman in a spot. At the moment, the 55-year-old is managing Roman Reigns who went from face to heel. Aside from that, the Big Dog is the reigning WWE Universal champion.

So where will Heyman stand should Lesnar decide to return to the WWE? For now, it does not appear to be a problem and Heyman tried to sum it all up as broad as possible when he was interviewed by TalkSport.


“The safest thing that I can say for my well-being is that Brock Lesnar does whatever Brock Lesnar wants to do. It has been that way since Brock Lesnar was five years old, and I don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon. I’m sticking to that soundbite,” Heyman said.

As of this writing, a Brock Lesnar return has purely been hearsay. Reigns is at the top right now and has no clear storyline. Jey Uso is around, playing the role of a follower of the Tribal Chief. But at some point, most now that one half of the Usos will eventually break out and battle it out with his real-life cousin. Hence, the only question now is when.

As far as a Lesnar return is concerned, the Beast is likely to return to WWE Raw. If that is the case, he is likely to want payback against Drew McIntyre. Lesnar was last seen at Wrestlemania 36 where he lost the WWE championship to the Scottish Psychopath.

If that happens, a possible scenario would be to see Heyman still managing Lesnar on the red brand. That could stick for now although there is no telling how long that will hold up. It could be an alliance for Heyman, handling the two big stars.

But at some point moving forward, both will eventually clash. And once that happens, it all boomerangs back to Heyman who may end up in the middle of the crossfire.

Reigns currently plays a heel character and most know how Lesnar thrived doing that as well. Heyman could stick with Reigns for as long as that holds. In short, the one who remains the heel is likely the guy that Heyman will manage moving forward.